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2014 Tracks


Scalable Microservice Architectures: This track addresses the ways companies with hundreds of fine-grained web-services (e.g. Netflix, LinkedIn) manage complexity!


The Future of Mobile: The future of mobile and performance improvements


Java at the Cutting Edge: The latest and greatest in the Java ecosystem


Continuous Delivery: Continuous Delivery philosophies, cultures, hiccups, and best practices


Engineering Culture: Successes and failures in creating an engineering culture


Applied Machine Learning and Data Science: Understand your big big data!


Unleashing the Power of Streaming Data: With the advent of new data stream processing paradigms, how are companies leveraging them to solve business and engineering problems!


Next gen HTML5 and JS: The web is changing, what's coming next?


Deploying at Scale: Containerizing Applications, Discovering Services, and Deploying to the Grid


Measuring Engineering and Product Success: Strategies to measure and track progress


Real World Functional: Putting functional programming concepts to work in the real world


Modern CS In the Real World: How modern CS can help you tackle today's problems


Reactive Service Architecture: Reactive, Responsive, Fault Tolerant and More


Beyond Hadoop: Emerging Big Data Frameworks and Technology: Find out about the latest innovation in the world of Big Data Technology!


Architectures You've Always Wondered about: The newest and biggest Internet architectures