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2019 Videos

Over the course of the next 4 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on InfoQ.com Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:
  1. Mind the Software Gap: How We Can Operationalize Privacy & Compliance
  2. How Do We Heal?
  3. Automated Testing for Terraform, Docker, Packer, Kubernetes, and More
  4. Future of Data Engineering
  5. Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions
  • Jean Yang
  • Alex Qin
  • Yevgeniy Brikman
  • Chris Riccomini
  • Chris Gillum
  1. Securing Software from the Supply Side
  2. The Talk You've Been Await-ing For
  3. Microcultures and Finding Your Place
  4. When Machine Learning Can't Replace the Human
  5. Make Your Electron App Feel at Home Everywhere
  • Nickolas Means
  • Steve Klabnik
  • Mike McGarr
  • Pamela Gay
  • Kilian Valkhof
16 DEC
  1. Scaling Patterns for Netflix's Edge
  2. User & Device Identity for Microservices @ Netflix Scale
  3. Evolution of Edge @Netflix
  4. Coding Without Complexity
  5. Parsing JSON Really Quickly: Lessons Learned
  • Justin Ryan
  • Satyajit Thadeshwar
  • Vasily Vlasov
  • Ellen Chisa
  • Daniel Lemire
23 DEC
  1. Mistakes and Discoveries While Cultivating Ownership
  2. Beyond Microservices: Streams, State and Scalability
  3. Build You Own WebAssembly Compiler
  • Aaron Blohowiak
  • Gwen Shapira
  • Colin Eberhardt
30 DEC
  1. Mapping the Evolution of Socio-technical Systems
  2. Holistic EdTech & Diversity
  3. Practical Change Data Streaming Use Cases with Apache Kafka & Debezium
  4. Optimizing Yourself: Neurodiversity in Tech
  5. Security Culture: Why You Need One and How to Create It
  • Cat Swetel
  • Antoine Patton
  • Gunnar Morling
  • Elizabeth Schneider
  • Masha Sedova
  1. ML in the Browser: Interactive Experiences with Tensorflow.js
  2. How to Invest in Technical Infrastructure
  3. Mind Your State for Your State of Mind
  4. Managing Failure Modes in Microservice Architectures
  5. Machine Learning 101
  • Victor Dibia
  • Will Larson
  • Pat Helland
  • Adrian Cockcroft
  • Grishma Jena
13 IAN
  1. Secrets at Planet-scale: Engineering the Internal Google KMS
  2. Quantifying Risk
  3. Architectures That Scale Deep - Regaining Control in Deep Systems
  4. The Focusing Illusion of Developer Productivity
  5. License Compliance for Your Container Supply Chain
  • Anvita Pandit
  • Markus De Shon
  • Ben Sigelman
  • Courtney Hemphill
  • Nisha Kumar
20 IAN
  1. Evolutionary Architecture as Product @ CircleCI
  2. Fault Tolerance at Speed
  3. Architectures Panel
  4. The Common Pitfalls of Cloud Native Software Supply Chains
  5. Building a Successful Remote Culture at Scale with Strong Ownership
  • Robert Zuber
  • Todd Montgomery
  • Justin Ryan, Anvita Pandit, Ben Sigelman, Robert Zuber, Thierry Cruanes
  • Daniel Shapira
  • Sushma Nallapeta
27 IAN
  1. Incident Management in the Age of DevOps & SRE
  2. CI/CD for Machine Learning
  3. Java 8 LTS to the Latest - a Performance & Responsiveness Prospective
  4. Shifting Left with Cloud Native CI/CD
  5. Programming the Cloud: Empowering Developers to Do Infrastructure
  • Damon Edwards
  • Sasha Rosenbaum
  • Monica Beckwith, Anil Kumar
  • Christie Wilson
  • Luke Hoban
  1. It Really is a Series of Tubes
  2. Observability in the SSC: Seeing Into Your Build System
  3. Snowflake Architecture: Building a Data Warehouse for the Cloud
  4. ML's Hidden Tasks: A Checklist for Developers When Building ML Systems
  5. Does Java Need Inline Types? What Project Valhalla Can Bring to Java
  • Molly Wright Steenson
  • Ben Hartshorne
  • Thierry Cruanes
  • Jade Abbott
  • Sergey Kuksenko
10 FEB
  1. Self-Driving Cars as Edge Computing Devices
  2. Managing Privacy & Data Governance for Next Generation Architecture
  3. Passion, Grace, & Fire - The Elements of High Performance
  4. AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
  5. Better Living through Software at the Human Utility
  • Matt Ranney
  • Ayana Miller
  • Josh Evans
  • Richard Boyd
  • Tiffani Ashley Bell
17 FEB
  1. Building Confidence in Healthcare Systems through Chaos Engineering
  2. Panel: Ethics in Software Engineering
  3. Panel: Startup and VM Futures
  4. Small Is Beautiful: How to Improve Security by Maintaining Less Code
  5. High Performing Teams Act Like Owners
  • Carl Chesser
  • Ayana Miller, Bruce Edward DeBruhl, Theo Schlossnagle, Megan Cristina
  • Monica Beckwith, Anil Kumar, Gil Tene, Mark Stoodley, Mikael Vidsted, Sergey Kuksenko
  • Natalie Silvanovich
  • Katharina Probst
24 FEB
  1. Data Mesh Paradigm Shift in Data Platform Architecture
  2. High Resolution Performance Telemetry at Scale
  3. MakeCode: Types, Games and Machine Code
  4. Continuous Monitoring with JDK Flight Recorder (JFR)
  5. Sorbet: Why and How We Built a Typechecker for Ruby
  • Zhamak Dehghani
  • Brian Martin
  • Michal Moskal
  • Mikael Vidsted
  • Dmitry Petrashko
  1. Declarative APIs in an Imperative World
  2. DevOps & Lean Thinking Panel
  3. Helm 3: A Mariner's Delight
  4. The System of Profound Knowledge
  5. Kafka Needs No Keeper
  • Tilde Thurium
  • Cat Swetel, Ben Rockwood, Damon Edwards
  • Lachlan Evenson
  • Ben Rockwood
  • Colin McCabe
  1. Security and Compliance Theater - The Seventh Deadly Disease
  2. Swift for Tensorflow
  3. Impact Starts with You
  4. Optimizing You Panel: Path to Awesomeness
  5. ML/AI Panel
  • John Willis
  • Paige Bailey
  • Julia Nguyen
  • Christie Wilson, Daniel Bryant, Justin Ryan
  • Chris Albon, Paige Bailey, Amy Unruh, June Andrews, Melanie Warrick
16 MAR
  1. Monitoring and Tracing @Netflix Streaming Data Infrastructure
  2. Understand the Trade-offs Using Compilers for Java Applications
  • Allen Wang
  • Mark Stoodley
23 MAR
  1. Pick Your Region: Earth; Cloudflare Workers
  2. Creating Balance between Product Managers & Engineers
  • Ashley Williams
  • Vidya Nagarajan
30 MAR
  1. Exploiting Common iOS Apps' Vulnerabilities
  2. From POC to Production in Minimal Time - Avoiding Pain in ML Projects
  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Janet Bastiman
  1. Life After 8
  2. Ethics Landscape
  • Gil Tene
  • Theo Schlossnagle
13 APR
  1. Observability in the Development Process: Not Just for Ops Anymore
  2. Making Npm Install Safe
  • Christine Yen
  • Kate Sills
20 APR
  1. Six Things I've Learned as a Manager I Wish I Knew Before
  2. Privacy Architecture for Data-Driven Innovation
  • Georgiy Mogelashvili
  • Nishant Bhajaria
27 APR
  1. Machine Learning on Mobile and Edge Devices With TensorFlow Lite
  2. Metaphors We Create By
  • Daniel Situnayake
  • Jabari Bell
  1. How to Use Encryption for Defense in Depth in Native and Browser Apps
  2. Controlled Chaos: Taming Organic, Federated Growth of Microservices
  • Isaac Potoczny-Jones
  • Tobias Kunze
11 MAY
  1. Anti-Entropy Using CRDTs on HA Datastores @Netflix
  2. Probabilistic programming for software engineers
  • Sailesh Mukil
  • Michael Tingley
18 MAY
  1. 5 Simple Tools to Unlock Innovation
  2. Stop Talking & Listen; Practices for Creating Effective Customer SLOs
  • Sarah Shewell
  • Cindy Quach
25 MAY
  1. Reflecting on a Life Watching Movies and a Career in Security
  2. Linux Foundation's Project EVE: A Cloud-Native Edge Computing Platform
  • Jason Chan
  • Roman Shaposhnik 
  1. Reflecting on a Life Watching Movies and a Career in Security
  • Sonali Sharma, Shriya Arora
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.

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