Early Bird Pricing and Deadlines

Early Bird Discounts Conference 3 days Conference 3 days + 1 Workshop day Conference 3 days + 2 Workshop days Conference (3 days) and 2 days Introduction to AI/ML for Software Engineers Workshops (1 day) Workshops (2 days) Learning path (2 days) - Introduction to AI/ML for Software Engineers - Clarence Chio
before May 25th USD1,815 USD2,560 USD3,250 USD3,755 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995
before Jun 15th USD1,925 USD2,665 USD3,355 USD3,860 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995
before Jul 27th USD2,030 USD2,775 USD3,465 USD3,970 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995
before Aug 24th USD2,135 USD2,880 USD3,570 USD4,075 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995
before Sep 21st USD2,245 USD2,990 USD3,675 USD4,180 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995
before Oct 19th USD2,350 USD3,095 USD3,785 USD4,290 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995
before Nov 9th USD2,565 USD3,310 USD3,995 USD4,500 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995
after Nov 9th pay full price USD2,780 USD3,525 USD4,215 USD4,720 USD795 USD1,490 USD1,995

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