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AI and ML Learning Paths

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Learning Paths: Master the tools, practices and techniques of AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are transforming the fundamentals of software development. For software engineers, software architects and software leaders, embracing these technologies and learning the core skills are critical components for capitalising on this new movement.

Our 2-day practical Learning Paths will teach you the essential tools, practices, and techniques that will equip you with practical skills you can use immediately. Get hands-on experience and engage in practical assessments to apply your learning.

All our Learning Paths are developed and delivered by software engineers driving innovation and change in AI and ML so you’ll learn from those actively working in this field.

AI and ML Learning Paths

Master the tools, practices and techniques of AI and Machine Learning in our 2-day Learning Paths.
All Learning Paths take place November 14-15, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.

Introduction to AI/ML for Software Engineers

Introduction to AI/ML for Software Engineers" is a fast-paced learning path on machine learning from a software professional’s point of view. The class is designed with the goal of providing students with a hands-on introduction to machine learning concepts and systems, as well as giving them the practical skills to walk away with the foundational skills to embark on ML projects in a professional setting.

Over the course of two days, attendees will be put through several hands-on exercises that stimulate learning through writing and executing code, instead of passive lectures. Students will get first-hand experience at cleaning data, implementing machine learning programs, and solving real problems in tuning, deploying, scaling, and maintaining machine learning systems.

Each attendee will be provided with a comprehensive virtual machine programming environment that is preconfigured for the tasks in the learning path, as well as any future machine learning experimentation and development that they will do. This environment consists of all of the most essential machine learning libraries and programming environments friendly to even novices at machine learning. As a capstone at the end of the session, students have a chance to formulate and embark on implementing a real machine learning system, from data collection to deployment.

Key Takeaways

  • Ability to evaluate problems and formulate machine learning solutions to relevant problems
  • Experience in implementing machine learning applications with light use of popular toolkits
  • Intuition around decisions around machine learning algorithm/technique selection given the problem scope and objectives
  • Understanding of feature engineering techniques to solve common problems in data wrangling and system scaling
  • Ability to implement end-to-end applications that utilize data sets to generate actionable insights

Learning Path Facilitator

Clarence Chio is a co-founder and CTO at Unit21, a financial crime-fighting company backed by Google's AI venture arm. He is the co-author of the O'Reilly book "Machine Learning & Security" and teaches 2 classes on applied machine learning at U.C. Berkeley. Clarence has given talks, workshops, and training on Machine Learning and security at DEF CON, BLACK HAT, RSA, and other security/software engineering conferences/meetups across two dozen countries. He has degrees from the Computer Science department at Stanford University, specializing in data mining and artificial intelligence.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Required by attendees:

  • The latest version of Virtualbox (or other comparable desktop virtualization software) Installed
  • Administrative access on your laptop with external USB access allowed
  • At least 20 GB free hard disk space
  • At least 4 GB RAM (the more the better)



Date and Location

November 19 - 20, 2020,

Hyatt Regency San Francisco


Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Who are the learning paths for?

The AI and ML Learning Paths are for anyone currently working in professional software development from software engineers and software architects to software managers and leaders. Each Learning Path identifies the required skill level needed to take the course.

QCon San Francisco 2020

Features of all our AI and ML Learning Paths

In-depth sessions

2 days of in-depth, hands-on, practical sessions to help you understand the Machine Learning development process.

Get hands-on with the tools

Gain hands-on skills and use of tools to begin your own journey into building Machine Learning systems.

Learn from the people driving innovation in software development

Designed and delivered by software development professionals leading innovation in AI and Machine Learning.

Apply your learning

Pull all your learning together and apply what you’ve learned through practical assessments projects during the 2 days.

Connect with like-minded people

Meet other software developers, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Get up and running with practical skills you can use immediately

Leave the Learning Path with new skills, best practices and actionable techniques you can implement in your projects. Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Learn and grow as a team

Considering attending a Learning Path as a team? Participating in our AI and ML Learning Paths as a team supports your collaborative learning. Bounce ideas with each other, explore solutions to problems, engage with our facilitators, and discuss things with other attendees. You’ll leave with new ideas and things you want to try - all of which create a stronger team.

QCon San Francisco 2020
QCon San Francisco 2020

Venue and Hotel

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

The Learning Paths are co-located at QCon San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency. The hotel is located right on the Embarcadero waterfront with stunning views all around and close to popular attractions, events, and shopping.

Address: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Hyatt Regency San Francisco, 5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, California, USA 94111

Tel: +1 415 788 1234

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