"Just" Engineering Culture Panel

The hardest part of technology is rarely the tech itself. Systems are designed, used, and operated by people. People make mistakes, but they are also critical to keeping systems safe and reliable.

Today's track focuses on creating a "just" engineering culture. A culture where psychological safety (up and down the org) is the norm, and the people at the heart of engineering are not blamed for failures. They are part of the solution that ensures the organization learns from failure and continuously improves.

Today's panel brings together a group of panelists who will speak about how just culture is created and how they overcame (and in some cases still overcoming) the challenges they faced on the journey.


Tuesday Oct 25 / 11:50AM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific DEKJ


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A team's ability to communicate effectively and disagree productively is directly related to its resilience towards incidents and interruptions.

Denise Yu

Engineering Manager and Rubyist, Previously Engineering Manager @GitHub


Recipes for Blameless Accountability

Tuesday Oct 25 / 02:55PM PDT

Details coming soon.

Michelle Brush

Engineering Manager SRE @Google


"Just" Engineering Culture Presentation

Tuesday Oct 25 / 05:25PM PDT

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Jessica DeVita

Sr. Software Engineering Manager - SRE @Microsoft | Human Factors & Systems Safety


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When we encounter undesirable outcomes, there is a natural instinct to look back, find something that went wrong, and fix it.

Jacob Scott

Staff Software Engineer @stripe


Unconference: Engineering Culture

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What is an unconference? At QCon SF, we’ll have unconferences in most of our tracks.

Shane Hastie

Global Delivery Lead for SoftEd and Lead Editor for Culture & Methods at InfoQ.com