Presentation: "Teaching Machines to Fish: How eBay Improves Itself"

Time: Friday 15:45 - 16:45

Location: Metro 1

Abstract: Building on previous QCon presentations about eBay's architecture, this session will concentrate on how eBay leverages the power of the extended eBay community to improve the user experience in a systematic and automated way, combining both real-time and analytical approaches. It discusses particular extended examples from systems monitoring and the search experience, and highlights the various feedback loops that permit those systems to learn and improve over time. It further discusses how collecting, aggregating, and using this data can fit into a highly-scalable and -available infrastructure.

Randy Shoup, eBay, Inc.

 Randy  Shoup

Randy Shoup is a Distinguished Architect in the eBay Marketplace Architecture group. Since 2004, he has been the primary architect for eBay's search infrastructure.

Prior to eBay, Randy was Chief Architect at Tumbleweed Communications, and has also held a variety of software development and architecture roles at Oracle and Informatica. He received a BS in Mathematical and Computational Science, and an AB in Political Science, from Stanford University.