Presentation: "Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: How to Build Any Team Any Time"

Time: Wednesday 10:45 - 12:00

Location: City Room


Knowing how to get things done with others may be the single greatest lever for success in your career. In this session you will be introduced to the unique and proven Responsibility Redefined™ framework for understanding how personal and shared responsibility work in the mind.

You will try it on for yourself and see if it explains how your mind works. You will also learn how to apply Responsibility Redefined™ to orient, work in, build, lead, and maintain teams and collaborations of any kind.

Christopher Avery, Responsibility Redefined

 Christopher  Avery

Best-known for his cutting-edge work to de-mystify and then develop practical team leadership skills for knowledge workers i.e., engineers, geeks, and other technical professionals all of whom Peter Drucker claimed must be led rather than managed Christopher Avery, Ph.D., is a popular speaker, author, and international business advisor on responsible leadership, teamwork, and change. He wrote the popular book Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for everyone at work who thinks they must put up with bad teams.

And now he's redefining responsibility. As the visionary force behind the Responsibility Redefined framework, Christopher applies ground-breaking research on personal responsibility and performance to support enterprise leaders intent on rapidly building highly reliable, agile, sustainable, and accelerating cultures.

Christopher is a Senior Consultant with the IT and Agile Project Management practices of the Cutter Consortium, a Boston-area think tank. He co-founded and serves on the board of the Agile Project Leadership Network dedicated to connecting, developing, and supporting great project leaders. His Doctorate in the Communication of Technology was earned from The University of Texas at Austin where he occasionally lectures. He is a Visiting Scholar at Capella University.

The author of hundreds of articles and commentaries about individual and collective performance at work, Christopher is a popular source for the media and has been featured or quoted in Investors Business Daily, the Chicago Tribune, Training+Development magazine, HR Executive, NPR,, and among others.

Christopher invites you to subscribe to his Responsibility eTips at where you can also access a host of resources.