Presentation: "Volta: Distributed .NET anywhere"

Time: Thursday 17:15 - 18:15

Location: Olympic

Abstract: Many feel that programming Web applications today is too hard for ordinary programmers. They have to deal with an excess of low-level tools and technologies, which cause them to drown in accidental complexity. These tools add to the problem instead of helping to solve real issues around security, distribution, asynchronicity, performance, and correctness. Using techniques and insights from decades of academic language research, such as declarative and functional programming, monads, continuations, meta programming, and aspect weaving, the Live Labs Volta toolkit allows programmers to construct Web applications from simple, single-tier applications written in any .NET language (Visual Basic, C#, IronPython) by successive applications of declarative tier-splitting refactoring steps. Volta applications can be deployed on a wide variety of target platforms, ranging from rich clients (desktop CLR and Silverlight) to pure, standards-based Web browsers. Tier-splitting is currently also leveraged for instrumentation, automated testing, and foreign function calls.

Architect Erik Meijer, Designed LINQ & Haskell98 languages

Architect Erik  Meijer

Erik Meijer is an architect in the Microsoft SQL server division where he currently works together with the Microsoft Visual C# and the Microsoft Visual Basic language design teams on data integration in programming languages.

Prior to joining Microsoft he was an associate professor at Utrecht University and adjunct professor at the Oregon Graduate Institute.

Erik is one of the designers of the standard functional programming language Haskell98 and more recently the Cw language.