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Dennis Byrne, ThoughtWorks

 Dennis  Byrne

Dennis Byrne works for ThoughtWorks, a global consultancy with a focus on end-to-end agile software development of mission critical systems.

He's a writer, presenter and active member of the open source community. In his spare time Dennis enjoys lifting weights and killing brain cells.

Presentation: "Domain Specific Languages in Erlang"

Time: Thursday 15:45 - 16:45

Location: City Room


This is the only Erlang presentation you've ever seen that does not begin and end with concurrency.

Erlang turns out to have a number of properties that make it great for building Domain Specific Languages. - powerful parsing capabilities, runtime evaluation, and pattern matching are a few covered in this session. Along the way you may learn a thing or two about functional and concurrent programming.

Be prepared to get a little out of your comfort zone with a new syntax ... and a new way to beat your competition.