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John Straw, Architect, YELLOWPAGES.COM

 John  Straw John Straw led the development team which pulled off the YELLOWPAGES.COM Big Rewrite.

Presentation: "YELLOWPAGES.COM: Behind the Curtain"

Time: Wednesday 17:15 - 18:15

Location: Stanford


YELLOWPAGES.COM is one of the highest-traffic websites in the U.S., handling millions of searches a day. It's also Ruby on Rails, and has been since 2007 when we gave up on our 125,000-line Java website and a team of four programmers built a new site in about 4 months of development time.

In this talk we'll reveal how YellowPages.com was scaled to handle the traffic, how we evolved our software architecture, and what's been tuned up since launch. We'll also discuss how we made the choice to use Ruby on Rails and give you a peek at the structure of our website.