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Dion Stewart

 Dion  Stewart Dion Stewart is an independent software developer and agile coach. He has long held the view that software development is a craft. Prior to starting his career as a professional developer he spent a year in retreat on a residential Guitar Craft seminar. His view of software development as a craft is strongly influenced by the values and principles he learned while studying guitar as a Guitar Craft participant. He has a Masters degree in Software Engineering and undergraduate degrees in Music and English Literature. His work as a professional software developer is also influenced by his study of Zen philosophy and Tai Chi.

Presentation: "Introduction: Agility as a Craft"

Time: Thursday 10:20 - 10:30

Location: Stanford

Abstract: This track will explore the concept of software development as a craft and why that is so appealing to the agile community. Speakers will address the concept of software craft, agility as a craft, and becoming a master craftsman.

Presentation: "Producing Value Through Creative Production"

Time: Thursday 16:30 - 17:30

Location: Stanford

Abstract: Great music recordings happen when process, technology and creativity live in concert with each other. This session will take you through the tools and processes used to produce music, and show how they directly apply to feeding agility in software shops. Your hosts for the session, David Hussman and Dion Stewart have both logged hours producing music and producing software. From a coaching perspective, they will share a variety of experiences that show how their music backgrounds influence the way they teach and promote holistic agility, where the craft is valued over process.