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Gadi Amit, Principal designer and founder of NewDealDesign

 Gadi  Amit Gadi is the principal designer and founder of NewDealDesign - a strategic design studio located in San Francisco, California. Among NewDeal's clients are top tech companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Verizon, Palm, Better Place, Sling Media and many more. Gadi's work across many fields of product design has created a great market impact while achieving over 80 design awards. The work has been featured in many design publications and has been exhibited at leading Museums. Gadi is a frequent jurist in Design panels, such as ID magazine, Fortune magazine and California Design Biennial. Prior to founding NewDealDesign, Gadi was Vice President of Design at frogdesign.

Presentation: "The Wisdom of the Hand"

Time: Thursday 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Stanford

Abstract: Gadi Amit will discuss and show the interaction between the Mind that seeks a solution to a problem and the Hand that illustrates such solutions freely while seeking artistic harmony and sense. The Hand's "mistakes" are fed back to the Mind and become the basis for the next potential solution. Gadi will show some glaring "mistakes" that became successful products and some over-reaching hand sketches that captured the essence of ideas but not the actual design of products. He will also discuss the limitations of the Hand and of CAD tools and explain why design studios intentionally use both the "inaccurate" Hand and "over-accurate" CAD.