Presentation: "Introduction and Overview of Wednesday's Tracks"

Time: Wednesday 09:00 - 09:20

Location: Metropolitan Ballroom

Abstract: Ryan Slobojan and Wednesday Track Hosts will present the program and provide a short introduction to the Tracks scheduled for Wednesday.

Jesper Boeg, Trifork Software Pilot

 Jesper  Boeg

Jesper has worked as Agile Coach and Developer at Trifork for the past 4 years. He has a Masters degree from Aalborg University in the area of Information Systems and wrote his thesis on how to successfully manage distributed software teams.

With a relentless Lean focus Jesper helps teams adopt Agile practises and break down the organisational and personal boundaries standing in the way. He believes that lack of communication is the root to all evil, and trust can only be established through an unrelenting focus on transparency in the entire organisation. Jesper's work is guided by high level Lean principles and believes that to achieve success one must look at the entire value stream and focus on the establishment of flow and a zero-defect mentality through continuous improvement.

Bringing "Agility back in Agile" have been keywords for Jesper's work lately. It is his experience that specific Agile Best Practices rule sets are enforced in many organisations, which is unhealthy in terms of continuous improvement and counter to the values of Agile. Ultimately restricting teams from using the resources at hand effectively and adapt to the context they are faced with.

Randy Shoup, eBay Chief Engineer

 Randy  Shoup

Randy Shoup is a Distinguished Architect in the eBay Marketplace Architecture group. Since 2004, he has been the primary architect for eBay's search infrastructure.

Prior to eBay, Randy was Chief Architect at Tumbleweed Communications, and has also held a variety of software development and architecture roles at Oracle and Informatica. He received a BS in Mathematical and Computational Science, and an AB in Political Science, from Stanford University.

Rolf Russell, DevOps/Build/Release Practice Lead at ThoughtWorks

 Rolf  Russell

Rolf Russell leads the DevOps/Build/Release practice at ThoughtWorks.

He focuses on helping IT organizations become nimble and reactive in meeting their customers’ needs through pragmatic improvements to the way software is build and taken into production.

Rolf developed his passion for this space in the traditional way, through painful experience as poorly managed ‘paths to production’ endangered projects he was delivering.

His experiences come through working with Fortune 1000 companies across an array of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, energy and media.

Ryan Slobojan, Managing Director, RoundTrip Networks

 Ryan  Slobojan

Ryan Slobojan is a managing director at RoundTrip Networks, which focuses on the full lifecycle of online applications including both the application itself and the infrastructure that it runs on.

He has worked with a wide range of technologies, but considers Java to be his most in-depth area of knowledge, and has become impressed with the impact that Agile and Lean methodologies have upon the software development process.

He enjoys the dual challenges of working with new customers and new technologies, and is constantly scouring the technology landscape for new and interesting technologies which are being used.

Stefan Tilkov, SOA and REST authority, innoQ founder

 Stefan  Tilkov
Stefan Tilkov is a co-founder and principal consultant at innoQ, a technology consulting company with offices in Germany and Switzerland.
He has been involved in the design of large-scale, distributed systems for more than a decade, using a variety of technologies and tools ranging from C++ and CORBA over J2EE/Java EE and Web Services to REST and Ruby on Rails. He has authored numerous articles and a book ("REST und HTTP", German), and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.