Presentation: "LinkedIn Search: Searching the Social Graph in Real Time"

Time: Friday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Franciscan I & II


LinkedIn is a high traffic consumer internet site and LinkedIn search serves millions of queries per day.  The search problem at LinkedIn is unique in several ways:

1) High volume with both unstructured and rich structured data

2) Different types of structured data, e.g., the social graph

3) Faceted search on the structured data

4) Real-time changes to data

5) Constant expansion of the underlying corpus

This session will discuss LinkedIn’s distributed real-time faceted search system, which is designed to guarantee strict SLAs for both search latency as well as how rapidly a newly updated document appears in the search results.  It will further discuss incremental index updates, query segmentation and classification, as well as various caching approaches.

John Wang, LinkedIn Search Architect

 John  Wang

John Wang is the Search Architect behind LinkedIn’s search infrastructure and is primarily focusing on real-time distributed faceted search.  John is a frequent contributor to the open source community, e.g. Lucene, Solr, etc.  Previously, John has led development backing both internet and enterprise search systems at Yahoo!, SimplyHired, Verity/Autonomy, etc. 

John’s LinkedIn profile can be reached at