Presentation: "Managing Agile: Transforming the Three Dysfunctions of Management"

Time: Thursday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Olympic Room

Managing Agile involves designing, supporting and reinforcing a system of work to deliver business value. “Prevailing” organizational systems often reinforce and reward management behaviors that produce three dysfunctional paradigms: 1) magical thinking, 2) the illusion of control, and 3) the fantasy of individual blame. The transforming antidotes to these dysfunctions emerge from three key strengths of Agile approaches: relying on data and evidence; accepting uncertainty and unpredictability; and maintaining a whole systems view. In this talk, Diana Larsen will describe ways organizations have reduced their dependence on the dysfunctions and built on the strengths of conducting business in an Agile way.

Diana Larsen, FutureWorks Consulting

 Diana  Larsen

A specialist in the human side of software development, Diana Larsen expands teams' capabilities to interact, self-organize, and improve project performance.

She co-authored Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great (Pragmatic Programmers, 2006) with Esther Derby. Clients come to Diana because of her experience and expertise; they stick with her because of her candor, compassion and courage. She leads group processes for collaborative thinking and planning, as well as guiding teams through project retrospectives. She presents workshops, speaks and writes on self-organizing team development and team leadership, project leadership, innovation development, leading retrospectives and influencing organizational change.

A former board member of the Agile Alliance, Diana works with a wide network of colleagues. She co-founded the International Retrospective Facilitators Gathering and the Agile Open Northwest 2007 conference.

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