Training: "Rest from Scratch"

Time: Monday 09:00 - 16:00

Location: Olympic Room


Does REST need to be more than just HTTP verbs and xml or json in order to make it capable of
supporting traditional service architectures through the web? This
tutorial will start from scratch and guide us through a series of
steps showing code that creates a restful set of services which
benefits from several REST characteristcs, including:

  • understanding resources through its representations
  • vendorizing a media type
  • supporting searches through open search
  • supporting client side cache
  • must ignore rule and forward compatibility
  • hypermedia and guiding clients
  • delegating part of the system and media type-binding
  • asynchronous processing

Extra topics include:

  • client side DSLs
  • error handling
  • staless and resources

Focus will not be put on the theory part but showing how to achieve
those goals and at the same time giving a simple and practical
explanation of those.

Everyone is welcome to code at the same time and follow all steps.
Those who bring their computers will be able to do it at the same time
and achieve something at the end. The only requirement is a compatible
environment that will be described later via email such as rvm,
rubygems and some gems.

Recommended Literature

For those who want to benefit the most and be top of the class, both
Rest in Practice and Restful Webservices Cookbook provide a solid

Guilherme Silveira, Creator of Restfulie and Editorial chief of InfoQ Brazil

 Guilherme  Silveira
Guilherme Silveira is head instructor at Caelum, a training and consulting company.  He is the creator of Restfulie, editorial chief of InfoQ Brazil, technical editor for a brazilian magazine, co-founder of the largest online portuguese speaking java user group.

After several years fighting against tight coupling, Guilherme came across REST and finally understood how hypermedia could help us avoiding the client-must-be-updated mess.

Currently writing and recording a Rest from Scratch series showing how to create REST systems using hypermedia in its core in every language Restfulie supports so far: ruby, java and .net.