Video schedule
Over the course of the next 6 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:
Week Session Presenter
22 Nov
Raising the bar: Using Kanban and Lean to super optimize your Agile implementation Jesper Boeg & Guilherme Silveira
29 Nov
Scaling Up by Scaling Down: Successful Agile Adoption in the Large by Focusing on the Individual Amr Elssamadisy
06 Dec
  1. Yes, SQL!
  2. Architecting the Ultimate Control Point- Advanced Cyber Threat Mitigation
  3. Scaling Australia's Most Popular Online News Sites with Enterprise Ehcache
  • Uri Cohen
  • Blake Dournaee
  • Matthias Matook & Ari Zilka, Founder
13 Dec
  1. Abstractions at Scale, Our Experiences at Twitter
  2. Developing Products at the Speed and Scale of Google
  3. Practical Guide to using REST for SOA
  • Marius Eriksen
  • Ashish Kumar
  • Stefan Tilkov
27 Dec
  1. Running Netflix in the Cloud
  2. Large Scale Mapreduce Data Processing at Quantcast
  3. Big Ball of Mud: Is This the Best that Agile can Do?
  4. Node.js: Asynchronous Purity Leads to Faster Development
  • Adrian Cockcroft
  • Ron Bodkin
  • Joseph Yoder
  • Ryan Dahl
03 Jan
The Role of Hypermedia and the future of Web integration Guilherme Silveira
10 Jan
  1. 5-minute Commit-to-Production at Wealthfront: Continuous Deployment to Production 50 times a day
  2. Hacking your Organization
  3. Clojure-Java Interop: A Better Java than Java
  • Eishay Smith
  • Lloyd Taylor
  • Stuart Halloway
17 Jan
  1. NoSQL at Twitter
  2. The Problem with the Browser
  • Ryan King
  • Collin Jackson
24 Jan
  1. Keeping Agile Agile
  2. RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design - A Compromise?
  3. Evening Keynote: Forty Years of Fun with Computers
  • Dan North
  • Vaughn Vernon
  • Dan Ingalls
07 Feb
  1. Erjang - A JVM-based Erlang VM
  2. JRuby: Apples AND Oranges
  3. Agile Does Not guarantee Value creation
  4. Being Elastic – Evolving Programming for the Cloud
  5. Consistency Models in New Generation Databases
  6. From E to ECMAScript and Back Again
  • Kresten Krab Thorup
  • Tom Enebo
  • Leonardo Mattiazzi
  • Randy Shoup
  • Roger Bodamer
  • Mark S. Miller
14 Feb
  1. Continuous Delivery Presentation
  2. RESTful SOA in the Real World
  • Jez Humble
  • Sastry Malladi
21 Feb
  1. Doing BDD with Puppet and Cucumber
  2. Brownfield software - industrial waste or business fertiliser?
  • Tom Sulston
  • Josh Graham
28 Feb
  1. Adopting the JVM
  2. Cooperation, Collaboration, and Awareness
  3. Opening Keynote: Innovation at Google
  4. Adding features and blocking attacks using Web security instead of client-server security
  5. Get Satisfaction uses Ruby on Rails and cloud computing platform to achieve scalability and reliability
  6. Implementing private clouds
  • Ola Bini
  • John Allspaw
  • Patrick Copeland
  • Tyler Close
  • Thor Muller
  • Andrew Clay Shafer
07 Mar
  1. Deliberate Discovery: code like you mean it
  2. Building Blocks for Amazon Dynamo Style Distributed Systems
  • Dan North
  • Andy Gross
14 Mar
Hot Swapping your Engines at 30,000 feet - War Stories from Shopzilla's Site Redesign
  • Rod Barlow
21 Mar
  1. Groovy for Java Programmers
  2. Managing Agile: Transforming the Three Dysfunctions of Management
  3. Security Architectures versus Security
  4. Scaling the Social Graph: Infrastructure at Facebook
  5. Netflix’s Transition to High-Availability Storage Systems
  • Jeff Brown
  • Diana Larsen
  • Marc Stiegler
  • Jason Sobel
  • Siddharth Anand
28 Mar
  1. Personal Retrospectives: Self-acquaintance and Agility
  2. Parallel Programming Patterns: Data parallelism
  • Ainsley Nies
  • Ralph Johnson
04 Apr
  1. Everything I've Ever Learned, I Learned from Failure
  2. League of Legends: Scaling to Millions of Ninjas, Yordles, and Wizards
  • Robert Myers
  • Scott Delap & Randy Stafford
11 Apr
  1. Out of This World Cloud Computing
  2. Actor Thinking
  3. Perception and Action: An Introduction to Clojure's Time Model
  4. Lessons Learned to Lessons Productized at Microsoft Developer Division
  • John L. Callas & Khawaja Shams
  • Dale Schumacher
  • Stuart Halloway
  • Tim Wagner
18 Apr
  1. Thousand year-old design patterns
  2. Inter-disciplinary Design in a Large Organization Context
  • Ulf Wiger
  • Robert Sedor
25 Apr
  1. LinkedIn Search: Searching the Social Graph in Real Time
  2. Software Shape, Organization Shape, and Process Shape: Eerie Parallels
  • John Wang
  • Michael Feathers
02 May
More Best Practices for Large-Scale Web Sites -- Lessons from eBay
  • Randy Shoup
09 May
When should you consider meta-architectures?
  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock & Joseph Yoder
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.