Presentation: "Netflix in the Global Cloud"

Time: Friday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Stanford

Abstract: Netflix migrated its website and streaming service from a conventional datacenter implementation to the Amazon public cloud during 2009-2010. For 2011 Netflix is making a back-end migration from SimpleDB to Apache Cassandra, cutting the connection to the Datacenter, and re-tooling the architecture to build a fully internationalized and globally distributed product. By leveraging multiple AWS regions, Netflix is able to rapidly deploy services anywhere in the world, primarily using Apache Cassandra to manage highly available wide area replication. In this talk, Netflix' Cloud Architect Adrian Cockcroft will discuss how the Netflix cloud architecture takes advantage of almost every feature of AWS, and is optimized for running in a highly automated global environment with ephemeral instances, non-deterministic performance, and agile deployment processes.

Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix Cloud Architect

 Adrian  Cockcroft

Over the last three years Adrian has managed and architected development of personalization algorithms for the Netflix web site and TV based devices, refactoring code into middle tier services, and development of a new personalization platform optimized for the cloud. He recently moved to the Cloud Systems group, with a focus on performance monitoring and analysis tools.

Adrian is probably best known as the author of several books while a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems: Sun Performance and Tuning; Resource Management; and Capacity Planning for Web Services. He was also a founding member of eBay Research Labs, where he contributed to the Skype Java API and built mobile application prototypes.

Twitter: @adrianco