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Alexandru Popescu, Co-founder: TestNG, InfoQ

 Alexandru  Popescu

Alexandru Popescu is Chief-Architect of InfoQ.com. Alexandru is involved in many open source initiatives and bleeding-edge technologies (AOP, testing, web, etc.), being co-founder of the TestNG Framework and a committer on the WebWork and Magnolia projects.

Alexandru formerly was one of three committers on the AspectWerkz project before it merged with AspectJ. Alexandru also publishes a blog on tech topics at themindstorms.blogspot.com

Presentation: "NoSQL Applications Panel"

Time: Friday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: Franciscan I & II

Abstract: NoSQL databases are rapidly emerging as a technology for a variety of problems. What areas are they being used in? How do they fit into the enterprise? What are the differences in focus among them? This panel brings together experts in leading NoSQL databases including MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Riak, and Couchbase.  Alexandru Popescu will be moderating the panel.