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Robert Johnson, Facebook

 Robert  Johnson Bobby Johnson is Director of Engineering at Facebook, where he leads the software development efforts to cost-effectively scale Facebook’s infrastructure and optimize performance for its many millions of users. During his time with the company, the number of users has expanded more than 100-fold and Facebook now handles billions of page views a day based on many petabytes of data. Bobby developed and architected many of the key systems at Facebook - he wrote scribe, was a co-inventor of haystack, and helped architect a cache cluster that holds trillions of objects and answers hundreds of millions of queries a second. He received a B.S. In Engineering and Applied Science from Caltech.

Presentation: "Scaling Social Computing - Lessons Learned at Facebook"

Time: Wednesday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: Metropolitan Ballroom II & III

Abstract: Social networking has dramatically changed the way we interact with web, and as a result dramatically changed the way data is stored and served. Social data at Facebook is an enormous graph of small objects that are tightly interconnected. Every page we serve is a view of this graph customized to a specific viewer at a specific time. The graph changes constantly with users' ever increasing appetite for realtime interaction. These properties of the data lead to new challenges, and new architectures to handle them. I'll be talking about some of the general approaches we take to social data at Facebook and some of the specific systems we've built to handle it.