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Stuart Charlton, Director of Infrastructure & Operations and Chief eChannel Architect at Canadian Pacific

 Stuart  Charlton Stuart Charlton is the Director of Infrastructure & Operations and Chief eChannel Architect at Canadian Pacific, leading the delivery of their cloud and web technology initiatives.  Previously he was the CTO for Elastra, and an Enterprise Architect at BEA Systems.  Stuart specializes in the areas of large-scale systems architecture, RESTful web architecture, and lean & agile approaches to business processes and product development.  For over 14 years, Stuart has been a consultant and mentor for dozens of organizations in the United States, Canada, and Japan, and has written for several leading industry publications.

Presentation: "On track for the cloud: Building a hybrid cloud at Canadian Pacific"

Time: Friday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Stanford


The North American railway industry is undergoing a renaissance as it is being seen by the market as a safer, greener, and more efficient way to ship goods across long distances.  Key shifts are underway the large railways do business, including: scheduled and optimized railway operations, real-time analytics decision support, and positive train control.   Canadian Pacific sees this as requiring a "leap frog" in agility to meet coming challenges, in part through the adoption of both VMware-based and Amazon EC2-based infrastructure services  to accelerate the delivery of Java, .NET, and SAP application development, along with major changes to the solution lifecycle: agile delivery meets agile operations.   This talk will explore CP's continuing journey from IT under-investment to a modern, agile delivery IT organization:  the requirements, architectural and technology considerations, and lessons learned so far in our efforts to reduce lead-times from months to days.