Presentation: "JBoss Polyglot: Java & Beyond"

Time: Wednesday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Regency


For over a decade, Red Hat has been investing in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), building frameworks and servers to solve large-scale problems using Java. In the past decade, many promising non-Java languages have targeted the JVM as an ideal runtime. From Ruby, to Lisp, to Javascript, Red Hat has found that the facilities they have created to support enterprise Java programmers can also benefit a new generation of engineers using alternative languages. Redesigning the wheel from scratch for each language makes no sense, so through its Polyglot efforts, Red Hat multiplies the power available to each language with ease. In this talk, we'll see how existing JBoss technologies are made available to a variety of languages, demonstrating aspects of TorqueBox for Ruby, Immutant for Lisp/Clojure, and AS.js for Javascript. They will also outline plans to go beyond the application-server, where other languages may touch upon individual frameworks and projects.

Mark Little, Chief Technologist of JBoss, Red Hat

 Mark  Little

Dr. Mark Little leads JBoss technical direction, research and development. Prior to this he was SOA technical development manager, and director of standards. He was chief architect and co-founder at Arjuna Technologies, and Distinguished Engineer at Hewlett Packard when Arjuna was spun off. He has worked in the area of reliable distributed systems since the mid-80s. His PhD was on fault-tolerant distributed systems, replication and transactions. He is currently also a professor at Newcastle University.