Presentation: "Uncommon Sense - Scaling Youtube"

Time: Friday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Grand Ballroom A


Every day, people watch an average of 3 billion videos on YouTube. Every minute, people upload an average of 48 hours of video to YouTube.

Operating at a scale that few other websites see, YouTube is still written mostly in plain Python with simple conventions that encourage scalable patterns. That focus on simple conventions carries over into new distributed systems as well. In fact, that ethos has led to a number of new services written in Go tailored to the existing Python infrastructure. 

Mike Solomon is one of the original engineers at YouTube. In this talk, he'll give an overview of the lessons learned as he's brought YouTube to scale. He'll outline his philosophy on scaling, testing, and writing code and how that has influenced many aspects of YouTube's system design.

Mike Solomon, YouTube, Distributed Systems

 Mike  Solomon Mike Solomon has worked at YouTube since its initial release. He systematically attacked bottlenecks during its heaviest and most exciting growth periods. Mike continues to work on systems and is actively working improvements to the efficiency of Youtube's MySQL infrastructure. He collaborated on the recently released Vitess project which is a direct result of many lessons learned from managing a large, reliable data store.