Speaker: Pete Soderling

G33ktalk.com & Hakka Labs Founder
Pete Soderling is the founder of Hakka Labs, an international community of open-source software engineers. He is a self-taught engineer who has developed online platforms & applications since the very early days of the internet. Since 2004, Pete has been a serial tech entrepreneur in NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area and has built engineering teams for each business he has started, including Stratus Security. Stratus built a turn-key, cloud-based solution that helps data providers easily distribute data to their partners, also handling data metering, monitoring and security. Before Stratus, Pete founded and was the CEO of mechanikal, an industry-leading software development agency that specialized in the development of secure Internet applications for mobile devices, desktops and the web. Over the course of the last five years Pete has worked as an engineering ambassador for companies like Amazon, Tumblr, IHeartRadio, eBay, and NBC Universal helping them build their technical teams and attract top engineering talent. Pete holds his B.S. in Information Systems Management from New York University where he graduated with honors. Pete's current venture is Hakka Labs, where he is building a platform that creates original content, resources and training events to help software engineers level up their skills. With 20 years experience in technology, Pete epitomizes his belief in Marc Andreessen's quote that "software is eating the world," as he continuously dedicates himself to his passion. @petesoder

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