Presentation: Incident Management at the Edge


10:35am - 11:25am



As a content delivery network, Fastly operates a large internetwork and a global application environment. Fastly developed its Incident Command protocol, which it uses to deal with large-scale events. Lisa will cover in detail the typical struggles a company Fastly’s size runs into when building around-the-clock incident operations and the things Fastly has put in place to make dealing with incidents easier and more effective. She will also cover common mistakes and lessons learned as Fastly continuously improves its Incident Management framework.

Speaker: Lisa Phillips

VP, Site Reliability Engineering @Fastly

Lisa Phillips is a leader in the reliability, with particular interest in social media and speeding up content delivery. She has worked for 20 years in tech and database operational roles for large sites Livejournal, Six Apart and Twitter - where she helped kill the fail whale. Lisa is returning from a year of world travelling and is happy to have landed at Fastly as Vice President of Site Reliability Engineering.

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