Presentation: The New Way to Debug Java in Production


10:35am - 11:25am



Production exception handling is a dark science. Once your code gets out to production, any minor imperfection or glitch can translate into millions of errors. It’s the least explored subject matter, with the largest impact on how your application behaves.

In this talk, Nick Durkin, an OverOps monitoring engineer, will cover the current state of methodologies and tools used to troubleshoot Java errors in production, though logs and performance monitoring will not give you the ability to see through the matrix. Steve Rogers, Director of software engineering at Viator, a Tripadvisor company, will join him and share workflows that his teams are using to be able to resolve issues the minute they appear - without relying on log files.

Speaker: Steve Rogers

Software Development Director @Viator

Steve is a Software Development Director at Viator, a TripAdvisor Company. He and his team focuses on the Performance, Scale and Reliability of all things Viator. Prior to working in Travel, he spent the previous 15 years working in Finance, producing distributed and highly available systems for some of the largest Financial Organizations in the world. Despite the name, he is not actually THE Captain America.

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Speaker: Nicholas Durkin

Monitoring Engineer @OverOps

Nick is an engineer at OverOps with over 12 years of data center architecture knowledge, over 5 years of Hadoop and Big Data experience, and has architected systems and built big data applications for the Federal government and the world's largest financial institutions. Fun fact: he’s also commonly mistaken for Seth Rogan.

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