Presentation: Taming Complexity with Object-Oriented UX


5:25pm - 6:15pm


UPDATE 11/9/16: Sophia will also discuss the design challenges she faced in working to implement object-oriented UX on's 2016 election results experience.

Chances are, you are working on a complex problem. What are designers and engineers if not problem-solvers? And what type of problem-solver doesn’t love a big chewy challenge?

But as much as we love big problems, sometimes we get in over our heads. The complexity becomes unmanageable and drives us a little crazy. In this talk, we will discuss all the factors that cause complexity and learn three key ways we can wrangle it. We'll learn to cheat on our information architecture, reduce the number of moving parts, and stop arguing so much about features and functionality.

Sophia Voychehovski will teach you to start with the real-world objects that make up your problem and design the solution with those objects at the core. Leveraging Object-Oriented UX will melt away complexity so fast...that you might need to move on to even chewier challenges.

Speaker: Sophia Voychehovski

Founder and Lead UXer @Rewired

Sophia is the founder of Rewired, a UX studio based in Atlanta, GA. Sophia started Rewired after almost a decade of leading UX efforts for clients such as AT&T, the Internal Revenue Service, the Australian Tax Office, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. She also served as a leader on the UX team, most notably architecting the responsive design that presented results for the 2012 (and 2016) presidential elections. Sophia speaks internationally on object-oriented UX, which she believes is the future of web design.

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