Presentation: Winston: Helping Netflix Engineers Sleep at Night


2:55pm - 3:45pm



Netflix is a collection of microservices that all come together to enable the product you love. Operations for these microservices is distributed across the owning teams and their engineers. Ever wondered how we manage to achieve high availability and reliability without having a central operations team managing the operations of all these individual services? We believe that engineers who know their service inside out are the best people to manage its operations as well. So instead of having separate SRE teams, we invest in developing tools that help engineers handle operations efficiently. In this talk, we will talk about one such platform recently built for Netflix engineers - Winston.

Winston lets engineers go beyond the current DevOps model of monitoring the system and getting alerted when a failure condition occurs. It lets them automatically triage or fix the failure as well. Winston’s goal is to act as Tier-1 support for developers where they can outsource their repeatable diagnostic and remediation tasks and have them run automatically in response to events. Attendees will learn the types of use cases that this type of platform targets, customer impact it can have, adoption challenges and how the architecture of the platform evolved with our learning along the way.

Speaker: Sayli Karmarkar

Senior Software Engineer, Diagnostics and Remediation Engineering (DaRE) @Netflix

Sayli is a software engineer with 8+ years of experience in developing platforms and services to configure and manage thousands of systems in an enterprise. She is passionate about designing systems with focus on scalability and performance. At Netflix, she has been focusing on building platforms to help developers in diagnosing and remediating their operational failures automatically in response to events. Outside of work, she loves hiking, strategy-based board games, watching Netflix and spending time with her toddler.

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