Workshop: Self Awareness and Cultural Dynamics




1:00pm - 4:00pm


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Our teams, organizations, and customers are made up of people from around the world who think, act, and respond differently than we do. Within our own culture, our backgrounds, personalities, and communication styles also vary greatly and shift depending on context. These factors unconsciously drive our behavior and affect the way we interact with others and get work done. As we develop a more nuanced understanding of culture, group dynamics, and ourselves, we are able to build stronger connections, have more influence, and negotiate human systems more effectively.

This engaging and interactive workshop explores these intersections and allows you to see in real-time how they play out in subtle and not so subtle ways. You will leave with tools to recognize different cultural communication styles, with a better understanding of the power of cultural norms on human behavior, and with awareness to help you more fluidly adapt to your colleagues and customers.

Speaker: Nick Strauss

‎Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

Nick Strauss is an executive coach and leadership development consultant. He was raised in South Africa and has worked around the world with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, including African tribal chiefs and Silicon Valley executives. As a former wilderness guide, who has helped expedition teams accomplish the seemingly impossible, he has seen first hand that it is not only technical skills, but the ability to work effectively with others that makes all the difference. He now specializes in helping organizations negotiate the challenges of leadership and build high-functioning teams. He believes strongly in the value of self awareness, the importance of learning to understand others, and the value of skilled dialogue. His clients include Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Harvard, Stanford, and National Geographic.

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Speaker: Yingzhao Liu

Design Director, International @LinkedIn

Yingzhao is product design director for international markets at LinkedIn, as well as an experiential educator and facilitator on topics of communication and transformation. She is also a resident and board member at Jikoji Zen Center, in the hills close to the heart of Silicon Valley. Yingzhao is native to mainland China, has traveled to 30 countries, always finding inspiration in people's relationship with the environment they live in--their creativity and spirituality in everyday life.

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