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Presentation: NDBench: Benchmarking Microservices at Scale

Track: Performance Mythbusting

Location: Bayview AB

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Level: Intermediate

Persona: Architect, Backend Developer, CTO/CIO/Leadership, Developer, Technical Engineering Manager


Netflix runs thousands of microservices to serve more than 100M users everyday. These services are backed by large fleet of data store instances running on the public cloud. It is nearly impossible to predict the traffic patterns imposed by our architecture upon our data stores. We needed a framework that would help us determine the behavior of our platform systems under various workloads. We wanted to be mindful of provisioning our clusters, scaling them either horizontally (by adding nodes) or vertically (by upgrading the instance types), and operating under a variety of conditions, such as node failures, network partitions, etc.

To address those complexities we designed a benchmarking system for Netflix's Cloud platform that can mimic the performance of production use cases. By integrating dynamic configuration management, middle-tier load balancing, and metrics, we can study the effect of different workload parameters. This helped us identify potential memory leaks and garbage collection issues. In addition it allowed us to test the impact of long running maintenance jobs such as database repairs or reconciliation. We are going to showcase how the deployment, management, and monitoring of multiple instances can be done from a single entry-point (UI). We finally going to show how we integrated a benchmarking tool into our release lifecycle.

Speaker: Ioannis Papapanagiotou

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

Ioannis Papapanagiotou is a senior software engineer at Netflix’s Cloud Database Engineering team. He holds a dual Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering and Operations Research. In the past, Ioannis has served in the faculty ranks of Purdue University (tenure-track) and NC State University and as an engineer at IBM. He has been awarded the NetApp faculty fellowship and established the Nvidia CUDA Research Center at Purdue University. Ioannis has also received the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship, Academy of Athens Ph.D. Fellowship for his Ph.D. research, and best paper awards in several IEEE conferences for his academic contributions. Ioannis has authored a number of research articles and patents. Ioannis is a senior member of ACM and IEEE.

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Speaker: Vinay Chella

Cloud Data Architect @Netflix

Vinay Chella is a Cloud Data Architect @ Netflix and Apache Cassandra MVP. He possesses a great understanding of Cassandra (C*), distributed systems and relational databases. As an Engineer and Architect, he has extensively worked on building distributed systems, highly efficient data access layers and performance tuning of C*. Vinay Chella has assisted several teams in successfully building next generation data access layers

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