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Presentation: Scaling Marketplaces at Thumbtack

Track: Going Serverless

Location: Seacliff ABC

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Level: Intermediate

Persona: Architect, Backend Developer, CTO/CIO/Leadership, Front-end Developer


As Paul Graham writes, creating marketplaces is incredibly hard, and they take "heroic measures" to get rolling. From humble beginnings, Thumbtack today helps millions of customers complete their projects, generating more than $1B / year in business for our professionals. In this talk, I will share some of our key learnings on our journey to scale: from a PHP/PostgreSQL monolith with a self-managed Hadoop cluster, to Dockerized microservices paired with managed/serverless data infrastructure, and our future with fully-managed systems.

Speaker: Nate Kupp

Technical Infrastructure Lead @Thumbtack

Nate Kupp leads the Technical Infrastructure team at Thumbtack, and advises various startups on their journey building scalable infrastructure. Over his nearly 3 years at Thumbtack, he has worked on scaling both engineering teams and infrastructure to support Thumbtack's rapidly growing marketplaces.

Before joining Thumbtack, Nate spent a few years at Apple, where he built out data infrastructure for iOS and watchOS battery life analytics. His work at Apple enabled aggregating and analyzing hardware and software time series data from millions of iOS devices, driving optimizations and bug fixes to improve battery life for iOS and watchOS products. Prior to Apple, Nate completed his Ph.D. at Yale University in 2012; his research focused on machine learning solutions for semiconductor manufacturing and test applications.

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