Speaker: Molly Watt

Inclusive Technology Specialist @mollywatttrust

Molly Watt is a 23 year old inclusive technology evangelist, keynote and
TEDxNHS speaker, children's illustrator and author, co founder of the Molly
Watt Trust, director of Molly Watt Limited ambassador of ReSound, Sense
and advocate of assistive technology
Currently consulting with developers and designers in digital, breaking down
barriers for those with and without specific accessibility needs. Working
alongside some of the biggest in digital and their accessibility teams.
Also raising awareness of abilities within disabilities using assistive
Born severely deaf then registered blind - becoming deafblind at 12 Molly has
a unique insight into accessibility, the use of accessibility features and
mainstream assistive technologies.
Having spoken, run workshops and consulted worldwide to accessibility
teams at Apple, Cupertino, Apple Corporate, Sydney, Apple, London, also
raising awareness of diversity, the need for inclusion at Harvard Medical
School, Palace of Westminster, London also, Government Digital Services,
BBC Accessibility, Barclays Bank Accessibility, Coventry Building Society,
TSA, London Digital Health, NHS, Sigma, Wayfindr, Naidex, Atec.
Collaborating with charities and those in the fields of awareness, empathy,
accessibility, assistive technology and inclusion.
Molly’s believe is that digital holds the key to accessibility, diversity and
inclusion for all.
We all have work to do.

Find Molly Watt at

Workshop: Design/Building for Accessibility


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