Workshop: Advanced Angular & Best Practices




9:00am - 12:00pm


  • Developers should be familiar with common web development technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and NPM/yarn.
  • Attendees should have node, npm/yarn, and the latest version of @angular/cli installed prior to the session.

Level up your Angular development skills with Angular core team member, Stephen Fluin. In this half-day workshop we'll refine and improve your existing knowledge of building Angular applications, developed based on the real-world use cases at more than 50 companies using Angular.

We'll start by building a fresh Angular application from scratch and then quickly learn to take advantage of the latest tools and best practices including:

* Lazy Loading

* Service Workers, Caching, and Offline

* RxJS

* Universal

Speaker: Stephen Fluin

Developer Advocate @Google

Find Stephen Fluin at