Workshop: Modular Apps With React And Styled-Components




9:00am - 12:00pm

Key takeaways

introduction to react

styling with styled-components

strategies for building modular layout and style components

react project organization

flexbox layouts


  • Participants should be familiar with JavasScript (ES6) basics
  • Participants should be familiar with CSS basics
  • Participants should bring a laptop with the following installed:
  • * git * node vs 6.0 or higher
  • * npm version 3.10+ or yarn version 0.23+
  • * a text editor or ide
  • * Chrome
  • * React-dev tools for chrome

Intro to making webapps with react.js. Once we've built a basic page, we'll cover styling your app, and building modular layout primitives with styled-components. There will brief lectures with time to work, and git repo you can follow

Speaker: Ryan Schwers

Senior Software Engineer @Reddit

Ryan Schwers is a frontend architect at Reddit; contributing to the upcoming redesign with a focus on performance and architecture. Previously he's worked on iOS applications at Pushbullet and web apps at Hipmunk.

Find Ryan Schwers at