Workshop: Test First Immersion Workshop (Java)




9:00am - 4:00pm


  • Some experience in writing Java code & tests
  • Laptop with IDE (preferably IntelliJ IDEA)
  • Workshop project loaded into IDEA (link to GitHub project will be provided before the workshop)

Are you a Java engineer eager to improve your skill in writing great tests? In this workshop you will:

  • get excited to try out and practice "test first" approach to designing and implementing features
  • adopt practical Java tactics to create beautiful, highly maintainable unit tests
  • drill refactoring needed to keep the code easy to test
  • learn IntelliJ IDEA tricks that streamline test first development

Out of scope:

  • writing integration tests
  • working with 3rd party APIs and frameworks. In this workshop we use Java and JUnit
  • mocking (although I love the taste of Mockito)

Method of Instruction: Hands-on pair programming workshop, started with a short lecture and completed with team code review

Transfer %: 30/70 knowledge/Skill-Building

Speaker: Szczepan Faber

Tech lead at LinkedIn Development Tools - Founder of Mockito - Core eng of Gradle 1.x/2.x

Szczepan regularly gives lectures and instructs classes on development tools, engineering productivity, code review and testing. Since 2015, Szczepan Faber is a Tech Lead for LinkedIn Development Tools, responsible for developer productivity at LinkedIn. In 2011-2015 he was core engineer of Gradle 1.x and 2.x. and instructed numerous classes on build automation. Szczepan created Mockito framework in 2007, currently estimated user base of 2M, and has been giving classes on automated testing since. Szczepan publishes articles on LinkedIn, tweets as @MockitoGuy, makes tools on GitHub.

Find Szczepan Faber at