Workshop: Using Istio to Build a Cloud Native Service Mesh




1:00pm - 4:00pm

“Kubernetes changed how we deploy applications. Istio is going to change how we connect, manage, and secure them.” - Kelsey Hightower

In the rapid adoption of microservices enterprise have learned there is a lot more to microservices than just changing the application architecture. There is a lot of pain with the adoption of a microservice architectures dealing with things such as rolling out new versions of a service, enforcing policy across groups of services, securing communication and rate limiting.

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how Istio is changing the landscape of cloud native applications. We will walk through deploying each piece of Istio on top of Kubernetes to create a service mesh with policy enforcement, observability, security and reliability. We will show the features of Istio by deploying an Istio Service Mesh on Kubernetes and learning key concepts such as:

  • Traffic Management, Resilient Communication and Load Balancing between Services
  • Policy Enforcement and Rate Limiting
  • Telemetry, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Securing Communication between Microservices
  • Red / Green Deployments

Speaker: Zack Butcher

Engineer working on @IstioMesh @Google

Zack works at Google as one of the core contributors to Istio. Prior to Istio he worked on a variety of teams across Google Cloud Platform, focusing on authorization, policy, data retention, and the internal system Istio draws from.

Find Zack Butcher at

Speaker: Ryan Knight

Principal Software Architect @GrandCloud

Ryan Knight has 15 years of experience with building large scale distributed systems and cloud native applications with wide variety of technologies such as Scala, Kafka, Cassandra and Kubernetes. He first started Java Consulting in 1999 at the Sun Java Center and has since worked at a wide variety of companies such as DataStax, LightBend, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Tomax, Family Search and Riot Games. He now works as an Enterprise Architect for Starbucks.

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