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Presentation: Actionable Continuous Delivery Metrics

Track: Sponsored Solutions Track III

Location: Pacific BC

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Tuesday

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High performance teams are defined by their ability to deliver software faster, with higher quality and reliability. A key ingredient is a Continuous Delivery process that allows you to deliver features to production seamlessly. Once you embrace Continuous Delivery, it is important to measure the effectiveness of your CD workflow.

If you are looking at increasing the deployment frequency of your applications, recovering from failures more quickly, or improving the cycle time of features to production, this talk discusses the metrics that help to improve your software delivery practice.

In this talk, Suzie Prince will cover:

The value of measuring and monitoring your CD pipeline What metrics matter when improving your path to production? We will go through important concepts like throughput, failure rate, mean time to recover, cycle time etc. A step to step guide to using metrics to improve your CD process. We will use examples to address common issues like low throughput, slow cycle time, high failure rate, high MTTR.

Speaker: Suzie Prince

Head of Product @thoughtworks

Suzie Prince is Head of Product for ThoughtWorks Studios. She has over 13 years experience as a product manager delivering software that is valuable, usable, feasible, and desirable. On weekends, you'll find her introducing her baby daughter to the best that California has to offer - the sea, the sierras and the suds.

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