Track: Delivering on the Promise of Containers

Day of week: Tuesday

If you believe the hype, containers will automatically deploy your applications, guarantee zero downtime and store your leftovers. This track is the hitchhiker's guide to containers. We aim to provide an authentic view on how to get value out of containers while avoiding the common pitfalls. This track includes real stories and case studies of engineering organizations experiences.  We’ll track the journey from developer toy to production platform. We’ll also talk with companies that are operating at the bleeding edge of expanding the capabilities of these platforms. We aim to leave you with both a grounded view on where these technologies are today and a optimistic sense of where this is going tomorrow.

Track Host: Joe Beda

Founder and CTO of Heptio, started Kubernetes and Google Compute Engine

Joe Beda started his career at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer (he was young and naive). Throughout his 7 years at Microsoft and 10 years at Google, Joe has worked on GUI frameworks, real-time voice and chat, telephony, machine learning for ads, and cloud computing. Most notably, while at Google Joe started the Google Compute Engine and, along with Brendan Burns and Heptio co-founder Craig McLuckie, created Kubernetes. Heptio works to bring Kubernetes, Containers and Cloud Native thinking to enterprises.

Containers Presentation

Presentation details will follow soon.

Bryan Liles, Staff Engineer @heptio
Carlos Amedee, Senior Software Engineer @digitalocean

Containers Presentation

Presentation details to follow soon.

Alex Robinson, Member of Technical Staff @CockroachDB, previously SWE @GCPcloud