Track: Microservice/Serverless Patterns & Practices

Day of week: Monday

Stories of success and failure building modern service and function-based applications, including event sourcing, reactive, decomposition, & more.

Track Host: Susanne Kaiser

Stealth Mode, previously CTO @JustSocialApps

Susanne Kaiser is an independent tech consultant from Hamburg, Germany, and was previously working as a startup CTO transforming their SaaS solution from monolith to microservices. She has a background in computer sciences and experience in software development and software architecture for more than 15 years and regularly presents at international tech conferences.


Presentation details will follow soon.

Gillian Armstrong, Cognitive Technologies Technical Lead @Liberty_IT

Reactive & DDD

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Vaughn Vernon, DDD Expert, Author of "Implementing Domain-Driven Design" & Architect @kalele_io

Istio 1.0 Presentation

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Zack Butcher, Core Contributor @IstioMesh & Founding Engineer @tetrateio. Previously Software Engineer @Google