Track: Modern CS in the Real World

Day of week: Monday

The most groundbreaking, controversial, and innovative technical choices that drive our industry forward center around computer science. From the fundamental topics in CS to the most recent research, computer science has a very real and present role in how software grows and evolves. It also directly impacts how we interact with technology.

The Modern CS in the Real World track centers around the subtler aspects of how computer science affects our lives as both consumers and creators of software. This track will fuse together the human side of computer science with the technical choices that are made along the way. These technical talks will cover a broad range of topics, highlighting some of the toughest technical problems in our field, and how they have been approach to impact fields including ethics, security, education, and the arts.

Together, we'll investigate not just what problems in computer science are the hardest and most interesting, but also which ones are currently impacting and transforming the world around us.

Track Host: Vaidehi Joshi

Staff Engineer at Tilde

Vaidehi is an engineer at Tilde, in Portland, Oregon, where she works on Skylight. She enjoys building and breaking code, but loves creating empathetic engineering teams a whole lot more. In her spare time, she runs basecs, a weekly writing series that explores the fundamentals of computer science, and is co-host of the Base.cs Podcast, as well as a producer of the BaseCS video series.