Track: Practices of DevOps & Lean Thinking

Day of week: Monday

Devops, SRE, TechOps, System Administration and the rest have a common goal toward stability, and reliability of deployment and operation of production applications. We’ll discuss how mechanization of SRE tasks, observability, consistency, and training are vital for speed and operational excellence in a scalable production environment. We’ll discuss the history of the competencies of DevOps as well as how we can work toward increasing the pipeline of new folks in the field.

Track Host: Randy Shoup

VP Engineering @WeWork, Previously @StitchFix @Google & @Ebay

Randy is a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley, and has worked as a senior technology leader and executive at companies ranging from small startups, to mid-sized places, to eBay and Google. Randy is currently VP Engineering at WeWork in San Francisco. He is particularly passionate about the nexus of culture, technology, and organization.