Track: Security: Lessons Attacking & Defending

Day of week: Wednesday

Security: Lessons Attacking and Defending brings together stories about various successful approaches to security. Come learn what has worked to protect others while being targeted by increasingly sophisticated adversaries. Come ask questions about how to make good security tradeoffs when writing software. And do all of this with some of the top security practitioners in the industry today!

Track Host: Christina Camilleri

Security Solutions Specialist @riotgames

Christina is a Security Solutions Specialist on the Riot Games information security team where she helps keep scary threats at bay to protect players and Rioters. She enjoys learning what security challenges keep Rioters up at night, and uncovering new vectors of evil through pentesting, phishing, and security research. Christina's mission is to demystify the complicated, scary, and overwhelming topics of information security so that people feel empowered to secure and strengthen their information, accounts, devices and ultimately their lives. Prior to joining Riot Games, Christina worked as a penetration tester at Bishop Fox, where she primarily concentrated her efforts in social engineering and web-application penetration testing. In her free time, Christina enjoys whiskey, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, motorbikes and patting cats.