Track: Socially Conscious Software

Day of week: Tuesday

As technology becomes more accessible to the average person, how do we ensure we are creating safe, ethical products? What is technology’s role in world politics, climate change, and protecting the rights of everyday people?

And what is our role, as individuals who build products that touch the lives of millions of people, to the privacy, safety, and dignity of our fellow citizens?

In this track, we will explore the human side of technology - the good, the bad, and the hopeful future. Join us as we dive deeply into the social implications and repercussions of hastily built tech, and walk away with actionable ways you can improve both your product and your community.

Track Host: Danielle Leong

Engineering Manager on GitHub's Community and Safety Team

Danielle Leong is the engineering manager for GitHub’s Community & Safety team who focuses on building consensual software and tools that help make online platforms safer, more welcoming, and inclusive. She’s the founder of Consensual Software, an open source project that advocates for clear and enthusiastic consent from users to interact with them or their data. She is also the founder of Feerless, an app that provides trigger warnings for Netflix users with PTSD. She’s passionate about online privacy, inclusivity in tech, mental health awareness, and improving online good citizenship. In her spare time, she takes mediocre photos of her dog on Instagram, dresses up as a dinosaur, and eats lots of pizza - occasionally all at the same time.