Presentation: The Design of Infrastructure as Code

Track: Languages of Infrastructure

Location: Bayview AB

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Monday

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Learn how the design of infrastructure as code tools has evolved, what has worked, and what has failed. We'll talk about Cfengine, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Pulumi, and maybe a few other tools for good measure, using each to illustrate the core principles that have driven the movement forward. I'll leave you with a deeper insight into how and why these tools work, and point out areas where our evolution can continue.

Speaker: Adam Jacob

CEO at The System Initiative

Adam is a 23 year Systems Administrator. He is the original author of Chef and Habitat, former CTO and Co-Founder of Chef Software, and currently the CEO of the System Initiative. He also likes open source, cats, comic books and heavy metal.

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