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Presentation: Cloud Native Applications and Infrastructures Panel

Track: Languages of Infrastructure

Location: Garden A

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Monday

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Developers these days are integrating cloud native capabilities deeply into their application architectures. This is a challenge and and opportunity: we can supercharge our applications with elastic scale, advanced capabilities including AI and ML, and more — and yet, historically we've outsource "infrastructure" concerns to our operations teams. Join us on this panel to discuss how this is fundamentally changing, and how developers are becoming more empowered than ever to harness the cloud in a major way.

Speaker: Luke Hoban

TypeScript Co-Creator

Find Luke Hoban at

Speaker: Yevgeniy Brikman

Co-founder @gruntwork_io

Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman is the co-founder of Gruntwork, a company that provides DevOps as a Service. He's also the author of two books published by O'Reilly Media: Hello, Startup and Terraform: Up & Running. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Cisco Systems, and Thomson Financial and got his BS and Masters at Cornell University.

Find Yevgeniy Brikman at

Speaker: Ellen Chisa

CEO/Cofounder @darklang

Ellen Chisa is the Cofounder & CEO of Dark, a holistic programming language, editor, and hosted infrastructure.

Find Ellen Chisa at

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