Presentation: Mistakes and Discoveries While Cultivating Ownership

Track: Building & Scaling High-Performing Teams

Location: Seacliff ABC

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Monday

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At Netflix, we pair a strong sense of responsibility for outcomes with the freedom to choose how those outcomes are met to let people do their best and most-impactful work. My path to cultivating a culture of Ownership on our team was twisted and full of missteps. To help us talk about it and increase it routinely,  our team created a model of the five levels of Ownership: 

  • 0. Demonstration - Watch me do it. Ask good questions.
  • 1. Oversight - Run it by me. Expect a lot of revisions.
  • 2. Observation -  I’ll watch you do it with occasional high-level guidance.
  • 3. Execution - You do it independently, with random check-ins for me to stay aware.
  • 4. Vision - Tell me what we should do.

We also discovered necessary precursors - purpose, freedom, trust and safety. In this talk, I’ll share my well-intentioned mistakes and what we’ve learned so far.

Speaker: Aaron Blohowiak

Engineering Manager @Netflix in Cloud Infrastructure

Aaron is an Engineering Manager at Netflix in cloud infrastructure, where he learns and practices context-based leadership with a great team of engineers. Prior to Netflix he spent over a decade writing and operating software at various startups. Aaron occasionally rants on LinkedIn and is a hobbyist woodworker.

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