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Presentation: ML Mini workshop w/ Hien Luu

Track: Speaker AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

Location: Boardroom C

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

Day of week: Wednesday

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Please bring a laptop to this session. We recommend taking a look at the following preparation steps in order to prepare for the workshop.

Machine Learning development is a highly iterative process that requires running many experiments to find the best performant model. It also requires a way to easily share the experiment results as well as to package data science code into a reusable and reproducible format.  This workshop will show how MLflow, an open-source project that is designed to simplifying the entire Machine Learning lifecycle, can help with solving the needs listed above.  It will start with a quick overview of MLflow and then follow with a hands-on example of how MLflow can help in the development of a simple Machine Learning application.

Speaker: Hien Luu

Engineering Manager @Linkedin focused on Big Data

Find Hien Luu at

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