Presentation: High Resolution Performance Telemetry at Scale

Track: Bare Knuckle Performance

Location: Pacific DEKJ

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

Day of week: Monday

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One of the most critical aspects of running large distributed systems is understanding and quantifying performance. Without telemetry it is challenging to diagnose performance issues, plan for capacity needs, and tune for maximum efficiency. Even when we have telemetry, the resolution is insufficient to capture anomalies and bursty behaviors that are typical in microservice architectures. 

In this talk, we explore the issues of resolution in performance monitoring, cover sources of performance telemetry including hardware performance and eBPF, and learn some tricks for getting high resolution telemetry without high costs.

Speaker: Brian Martin

Software Developer @Twitter

Brian is a Staff SRE at Twitter. He works on infrastructure optimization and performance. His work with tuning high performance services led him to discovering a need for better performance telemetry. He is the author and maintainer of Rezolus, Twitter's high resolution systems performance telemetry agent.

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