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Presentation: Programming the Cloud: Empowering Developers to Do Infrastructure

Track: Languages of Infrastructure

Location: Bayview AB

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Monday

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Today’s cloud platforms offer incredible building block services we can use to build modern applications. But these building blocks are still frequently low-level and clumsy to use, and the tools around them tend to be designed for (dev)ops teams, not for developers. As a result, cloud infrastructure is often treated as separate from the inner loop of application development, preventing developers from maximizing the benefits they get from their cloud platforms.  

This talk will look at the value we can unlock by empowering developers to leverage the power of the cloud directly. We will look at some of the leading solutions across various different domains - from serverless to static websites to Kubernetes to infrastructure as code - to highlight areas where developers are already starting to take ownership of cloud infrastructure more directly in some verticals today. Then we will look at what this means for the future, and what tools, patterns, frameworks and even languages are likely to be developed in the coming years to democratize access to the cloud for all developers.

Speaker: Luke Hoban

TypeScript Co-Creator

Find Luke Hoban at

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