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Presentation: Millions of Ops/sec at Sub Ms Latency With Redis Clustering


Location: Pacific BC

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Wednesday

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Data growth in modern applications continue to accelerate as well as the demand for faster access to that data.

Redis is the leading in memory database for fast data access.

In this session you will learn the following.
1. Different strategies on how to scale Redis
2. Anti patterns on using Redis
3. Benchmark utilities to test the performance of Redis

Speaker: Jane Paek

Solution Architect Manager @RedisLabs

I'm a transplanted Canadian who has made bay area my home. For the last few decades, I've been in the software industry focused on databases and application performance tuning and network monitoring. At Redis Labs, I manage the Solutions Architect team where we work with customers to architect next generation applications that require high speed data access using Redis.

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