Presentation: Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions

Track: Microservices Patterns & Practices

Location: Ballroom A

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Tuesday

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Most will agree that Serverless is the future of cloud computing. But when most people think of Serverless, they think of FaaS (Functions as a Service), and when they think of FaaS, they think of functions that are ephemeral, stateless, and short-lived. But does this always need to be the case? Is it possible write functions that are stateful and long-running on top of ephemeral, Serverless compute platforms?

In this session, we'll explore two stateful programming models: workflows and actors. We'll discuss how they can simplify development and how they enable stateful and long-running application patterns within ephemeral, Serverless compute environments. We'll also explain why we're making a bit bet on these programming models in the Azure Functions service.

Speaker: Chris Gillum

Principal Engineering Manager @Microsoft, helping lead the Azure Functions Team

Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft working on Azure App Service and Azure Functions (especially #DurableFunctions).

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